Simon O’Loughlin — VIVID, Project Manager
Simon is an expert in Consumer Vulnerability and a lead figure in embedding fairness within the Just Transition.

With nearly 20 years in the energy industry, and over 12 of these focused in consumer vulnerability and strategy roles, Simon is ideally placed to help the Project Partners realise the benefits which can be gleaned from VIVID.

From an Innovation perspective this RIIO-ED2 price control, which started in April 2023 and runs through to 2028, is very focused on progressing towards Net Zero and doing so in a fair and just way. This brings challenges of helping consumers to make the transition to low carbon technologies, but also exciting changes with the opportunity to help poorer or less resilient communities through well thought through innovations.

Ross Bibby – Dynamic Networks, Project Manager
Ross has worked for SSEN for 7 years and has particular experience in the regulation of the 
electricity industry.

The Dynamic Networks project will accelerate the dual benefits of allowing more residential properties to be built and to connect in constrained areas of the network; and helping our customers to decarbonise by adopting Heat Pumps and Electric vehicles, either in new build properties or as part of large scale retrofit projects driven by the Net Zero ambitions of local authorities.

Dot Revill – LEO-N, Project Manager
Dot has been with Networks for 14 years, and has extensive experience is Project Management. Having worked on many change and transformation projects, she then worked as part of the team delivering our RIIO-ED2 Business Plan, before joining the Future Networks Innovation Team in 2022 and is currently studying towards an Engineering Degree.

Project LEO-N (Local Energy Oxfordshire, Neighbourhoods), as a follow-on from the greatly successful project LEO (Local Energy Oxfordshire), will focus on developing Smart and Fair Neighbourhoods to demonstrate flexibility services sitting at the heart of a smarter, locally-balanced energy system.