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NIA SSEN 0044: Smart Hammer

Key activities

The development of a Smart Hammer to identify the condition of a wood pole. The project will progress from factory testing to small sample field tests. To ensure a challenging test environment the field trials will take place across the SSEN Operational Regions.

Expected outcomes

The project’s aim is to establish the technical and commercial viability of using a Smart Hammer, with accurate and repeatable results to help detect internal rot or damage to wooden poles. It aims to identify if the Smart Hammer is a consistent and reliable alternative to wood pole inspections, through evaluating its efficiency and accuracy in identifying poles that need secondary testing. Earlier detection of a deteriorating pole will enable proactive replacement, preventing unplanned electric interruptions due to broken poles thus improving system reliability. The Smart Hammer also has the potential to be used by our field staff to more accurately assess the safety risk before climbing a pole.


This Project has only just started and we are currently at the stage of developing the X-Model Smart Hammer.


NIA £498,200

Start/end date

February 2020 – October 2021

Project Manager

Kevin Dennis

NIA 0044 Project Registration And PEA Document
NIA 0044 Project Registration And PEA Document
NIA 0044 Progress Report
NIA 0044 Progress Report