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NIA SSEPD 0029: 11kV Power electronics providing reactive compensation for voltage control

Key activities

The project aims to show that the new power electronic reactive compensation unit can be deployed across a range of locations and to deal with a range of potential voltage problems. The project will demonstrate that over a period of between 18 months and 2 years of on-site operation that the new units reliably improve the voltage profile seen by our customers both in terms of absolute voltage and the magnitude of apparent voltage changes. The device will be tested at the Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC) in Cumbernauld. This will ensure that it can operate over the full voltage and frequency envelope it is designed for. This testing is important as these extreme events are rare, if at all, on our normal network. However, the capability of the electronic reactive compensation unity to operate under these unusual conditions to maintain voltage is very important.

Expected outcomes

The project will confirm that the device is reliable in service, across a range of weather conditions, and determine the cost of maintenance. For the project to be successful we will be able to determine the ability of the devices to maintain the voltage within statutory limits and to reduce apparent step changes in voltage.


NIA £732,000

Start/end date

2016 – 2019

Project Manager

Kevin Dennis

NIA 0029 Project Registration And PEA Document
NIA 0029 Project Registration And PEA Document