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NIA SSEN 0043: Whole System Growth Scenario Modelling (Phase 2)

Key activities

The Regional Energy System Optimisation Planning (RESOP) Project is modelling the impact of local strategies on the energy system to ensure communities’ ambitions can be accommodated and economic growth delivered in a sustainable manner. SSEN has established partnerships with local authorities including Dundee City Council, Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council to trial the RESOP tools, to identify the impact of their plans on the energy networks and the role of low carbon technologies in managing that impact. The aim is to support delivery of local net zero transition plans and to identify where network investment might be needed to support them.


The uptake of low carbon transport and heat is putting local authorities in the driving seat of infrastructure planning to support those choices. RESOP is taking a ‘whole system’ approach, drawing together data from multiple sources into a single tool that can give council planners oversight of all infrastructure considerations. This will help them locate low carbon technology, such as electric vehicle charge points, in the most cost effective locations. RESOP will also feed information back to SSEN to provide early warning of additional demand on the network.

We are delighted to be working with project partners Advanced Infrastructure, Arup, Dundee City Council, Oxfordshire County Council, Regen, Scottish Water and SGN

Expected outcomes

This project will develop a methodology to improve coordination between local energy planning and network development, enabling the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to engage with local authorities in a structured way. As part of that methodology the project will refine the initial model tool developed in the first stage of the NIA project to produce a local energy network model which will allow stakeholder information to be easily incorporated into network planning and for stakeholders to better understand the network implications of their decisions.


NIA £343,000

Start/end date

January 2020 – June 2023

Project Manager

Rhys Williams

NIA 0043 Project Registration And PEA Document
NIA 0043 Project Registration And PEA Document
NIA 0043 Progress Report
NIA 0043 Progress Report