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NIA SSEN 0031: Risk Assessment and Modelling of Smart Network Solutions (RAMSES)

Key activities

The project will be delivered over three key phases; phase one collecting all input data and putting together risks curves for non-conventional technologies through expert interviews. Phase two designing model runs, enhancing model capability, running the core model runs, sensitivity analysis and iteration of the model run. Finally phase three will develop risk communication frameworks through analysing best practice examples in energy and other sectors and will also include writing the close down report summarising findings and next steps.

Expected outcomes

Understanding of the risks and complexities of new flexible assets that arise from deployment of non-conventional network assets.
The development and configuration of an existing modelling tool that is able to test different investment strategies and calculate their associated risks. The creation of a framework and communication strategy that highlights the risks associated with deployment of non-conventional network assets.


NIA £230,000

Start/end date

2017 – 2018

Project Manager

Rhys Williams