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NIA SSEN 0046: Local Electric Vehicle Energy Loop (LEVEL)

Key activities

LEVEL will scope out the design and capabilities of a temporary portable electric vehicle (EV) charging devices to provide power to EV drivers when, and where they need it. Charging infrastructure needs to be responsive to short term impacts, such as road works or traffic accidents which close certain sections of the road network and may harm drivers’ ability to reach their next charge point.

Expected outcomes

LEVEL will identify ways to improve network and charging resilience to meet short-term demand. The project will develop the standard and specification of temporary, portable EV charging devices, including a demonstration of a device in the SSEN licence area in the north of Scotland.


NIA £320,000

Start/end date

April 2020 – October 2021

Project Manager

Kate Jones

NIA 0046 Project Registration And PEA Document
NIA 0046 Project Registration And PEA Document