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DSO and Flexibility


Key activities

Project TraDER will both develop and trade, in as near real-time as possible, a distribution constraint product. The solution will integrate this market both horizontally (i.e. with other, longer term Distribution System Operator (DSO) products) and vertically (i.e. other trades within the same time period, such as the Balancing Mechanism). TraDER will provide a platform creating a single access point, making it easier for distributed energy resources to provide valuable services such as balancing, stability, and network capacity. In this way, “whole system value” is maximised by enabling price-driven coordination between Electricity System Operator (ESO), DSO and other market participants.

Expected outcomes

SSEN will act as a facilitator to TraDER by delivering data from the Active Network Management (ANM) system currently operating in Orkney and then facilitating changes to the ANM system in order to execute trades created by the TraDER platform. In return, TraDER will deliver outputs which will allow SSEN to assess the impact of how trades can be implemented on the ANM scheme, e.g., changes to Last In First Out (LIFO) connection order, and associated costs to SSEN. It will also assess the scale of the market to ensure implementation costs can be recovered by SSEN and allow SSEN to assess the preferred Neutral Market Facilitator (NFM) model of 3rd parties.


NIA £275,000

Start/end date

March 2020 – June 2021

Project Manager

Peter Taddie

NIA 0047 Project Registration And PEA Document
NIA 0047 Project Registration And PEA Document