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NIA SSEPD 0008: Parade (Polemounted Auto-Recloser Automated Distribution Evaluation)

Key activities

This project aims to better understand what advanced Pole Mounted Reclosers (PMRs) can achieve when combined with distributed intelligence, to see whether customer outages can be reduced.

Expected outcomes

To evaluate the year-round performance of this distribution automation technology, in terms of communications performance, behaviour during faults; and impact on CI/CMLs. Consider the suitability of the communications technology for any other applications of high data rate digital radio communications in the utility sector, at the frequencies allowed in the UK. Quantify the commercial benefits of Intelliteam technology for the distribution business and so provide the information needed to determine whether it is advantageous to deploy it elsewhere on the network.


NIA £130,000

Start/end date

2015 – 2017

Project Manager

Colin Mathieson