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Street Score 2 - Participating Partner - Led by Northern Power Grid - NIA_NGN_338

Key activities

Street Score 2 is led by Northern Gas Networks with SSEN and NPG as electricity networks and the three other gas networks as Participating Partners.

The project will take the concepts outlined in Street Score 1 and accelerate them forward to representative field testing through several design/test cycles. Initially, selected customer groups and network operatives will review the concepts and add to/improve them. A number of these will be taken forward and further designed. These will then be reviewed again by the working groups, and a smaller number moved into a prototype stage. Once these prototypes have been created, a validation session will be held. This will allow participants to test the prototypes in a simulated working environment. To conclude, this feedback will be taken and used to identify the routes forward to field use for the concepts.

Expected outcomes

The aim of the project is not necessarily to see financial benefits but to improve the experience of vulnerable customers and the wider public, when navigating through street works. In addition, the project has the ability to provide the below benefits:

  • Financial – possibility of reduced fines for street works
  • Health and safety – Advise guidelines and regulations regarding street works
  • Improved customer safety whilst navigating through street works and fewer member of public incidents
  • Customer – improved customer experience with street works
  • Community – improved engagement between network operators and community groups

Funding Partners

Cadent – Central
Cadent – Eastern
Cadent – North London
Cadent – North West
Cadent – West Midlands
NPg – Northern Powergrid (Northeast) Limited
NPg – Northern Powergrid (Yorkshire) Plc
SGN – Scotland
SSEN – Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution Plc
SSEN – Southern Electric Power Distribution Plc
WWU – Wales and South West England

Funding total from all partners

NIA £328,119

Start/end date

February 2022 – April 2023

Project Manager

Simon O’Loughlin