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Vulnerability Visualisation Tool Phase 2 - Participating Partner - Led by Northern Gas Networks - NIA_NGN_422

The project to create a new Vulnerability Visualisation Tool is facilitated by EIC, led by Northern Gas Networks, with SSEN, NPG and Cadent as participating partners.

Key activities

Vulnerability Visualisation Tool Phase 2 is an EIC project led by Northern Gas Networks with SSEN, NPG and Cadent as participating partners.

There are currently several systems for capturing and measuring vulnerability for an area, each mostly bespoke by a partner or stakeholder. By building a single point of reference for all parties, we will be able to unlock knowledge held internally, assist other projects involved in improving and identifying vulnerable customers and areas, and ensure that stakeholders who work across geographic boundaries are able to take a more holistic view of their practices.

A prototype Vulnerability Visualisation Tool has been successfully built and validated. Whilst the tool has been developed with Northern Gas Networks, there has been interest from a diverse range of networks and stakeholders, which have been involved in testing and validating the tool, identifying further development requirements.

Expected outcomes

This project will focus on the following key areas:

  • Increasing partnerships
  • Integrating additional data types
  • Using machine learning to aid bespoke predictive modelling
  • Embedding the tool in businesses’ everyday processes

Funding Partners

This project will be delivered by Egnida and facilitated by the EIC. Egnida Innovation is an award-winning digital consultancy, applying technology to energy industry problems with a particular focus on social issues.

The energy network parties involved are:

  • Northern Gas Networks
  • Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
  • Northern Powergrid
  • Cadent

Funding total from all partners

NIA £129,360

Start/end date

March 2023 – March 2024

Project Manager

Simon O’Loughlin